Online Cricket Betting Tips — Who Will Win Today?

Searching for some honest yet effective cricket betting tips? Want to know more about IPL predictions? Look no further – this page is exactly what you need right now. In this simple and comprehensive article, you will find essential facts about cricket match prediction sites and betting on cricket in general.

Whether you are an experienced betting enthusiast or a complete novice, cricket betting can be a thrilling way to play online while making some money as well. However, it might be quite challenging when it comes to placing successful cricket bets. How to choose the right team for your predictions? What things should you always keep in mind? To help you make a smart choice, we have created this full guide on match prediction.

About Our Match Predictions And Cricket Betting Tips

About Our Match Predictions And Cricket Betting Tips

Prior to jumping into the world of cricket betting, let’s say a few words about our guide. Without a doubt, it will be useful even if you are a devoted cricket fan. Here are several things you need to know about our site: 

  1. All content here is written by experienced professionals who know everything about cricket. 
  2. Our recommendations and match predictions are completely free. 

Overall, you get up-to-date information about cricket events and simple (and beneficial!) tips and tricks for betting online. Our aim is to present 100% correct advice to make your betting life significantly better. Our team will focus on two main topics – match predictions as well as free cricket betting tips. 

Match Predictions

Our team tries to publish our match predictions ASAP and address as many games as possible. Our ambitious goal is to deliver only accurate predictions for every cricket match played all over the world. 

However, when can you expect to see the updates on our site? Usually, all predictions can be found within 24-48 hours before the event occurs. At the same time, for some leagues, it isn’t possible as we need to take into consideration the latest matches to provide users with accurate predictions. 

The outline we prepare for you typically includes our opinions on the chances of both teams, the news about the players, their stats, and prognostication for how the game will play out. We also write a brief conclusion to present all the essential info in short. 

Cricket Betting Tips

Besides analyzing the future matches and presenting predictions for each event, we also present some cool cricket betting tips. We’ll accumulate information about teams, the betting odds, and the chances of each team to win. Obviously, every game is unique, but our team will do its best to offer you helpful insights in any situation. We’ll explain: 

  • how to find the best markets with the most profitable bets;
  • how to choose top online betting sites;
  • how to make IPL predictions;
  • and more essential tricks for playing on the Internet.

Plus, there are some easy yet crucial general tips you would better know. With this information, you will be able to bet confidently and with ease. 

How We Make Our Betting Tips For Cricket

Tips For Cricket

Here, you will find free betting tips for todays and forthcoming matches in the near future. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that your bets will always win, but our smart cricket betting gurus will try hard to make the most accurate predictions ever.

And how does our team compose marvelous tricks for cricket betting? Our experts thoughtfully check everything from the cricket news to weather forecasts. Here is what we pay attention to the most. 

Team News

In this chapter, we provide comprehensive information about both teams, including the performance and recent changes among the players. Plus, when it comes to a T20 league, the top players might be called out to stand up for their national teams. Therefore, you should carefully follow this section to be sure you know what happened to the team in the recent past and who is going to play in the current match. 


We never underestimate the weather conditions. Weather forecasts help us to evaluate the chances of bad weather, such as rains or thunderstorms. When the field is wet, it can play a crucial role in the outcome of the match. Windy weather causes the ball to swing, and dew makes it really hard for the bowlers to keep a great line.


When a successful player gets injured, their exclusion can be deadly for the team. Therefore, we take into account not only team news in general but also the physical condition of the players. This is an incredibly important factor for our analysis. 

Betting Odds For Cricket

Before placing a bet, it is important to understand what kinds of bets are available. We carefully assess the achievements of the batsmen and bowlers in the recent games to give you all the necessary details about betting markets. With this info, you can easily place pre-match bets as well as live bets. 

Player Stats 

Here is another important factor to bear in mind. If you have favorite players or want to find the cricket stars to bet on, you need to know more about their performance. We provide you with the player statistics to help you make the right decision. 

Day And Location

Timing and location can also be crucial. Some teams play better on their home fields, others play on the same level everywhere. Another example is when a team plays several matches in a row. Players might demonstrate worse results when they are constantly tired.

Free Online Cricket Betting Tips

Free Online Cricket Betting Tips

We desire to mention once again that our free cricket betting tips, as well as cricket match predictions, are absolutely free. Our experts work really hard to analyze the matches and help bettors make better choices. As a result, you can be sure that our recommendations are useful and as accurate as possible. 

Why Do We Provide Free Cricket Tips?

The betting tips, tricks, and predictions are based on deep research and require a lot of effort, so many people are surprised that they are free of charge. Here is why we don’t ask to pay money for our recommendations: 

  • We are real cricket gurus and want to share our expertise and wisdom with others; 
  • We love cricket bettors and want to ease their lives; 
  • There is no guarantee that our tips will work every time. 

To summarize, our team wants to assist people who want to know more about cricket betting. At the same time, we aren’t wizards, so it’s still a game of chance. So, read our guide to enrich your experience and place winning bets more often and without extra skills.

Today Match Winner Predictions

Today Match Winner Predictions

Gaming experience and expert knowledge play a key role when you decide to risk your money and bet on cricket? But what makes a prognostication an absolutely accurate prediction?

Our team members have years of experience under their belt that help them to make high-quality predictions. They are constantly studying various cricket games and deeply understand what factors influence the outcome of the match. With our betting tips, you will know everything about the teams, weather, betting odds prior to placing a bet. 

Even if you are a seasoned bettor, our reliable and precise match predictions will allow you to win quicker and get more winning money as well. On our website, you will discover insights and betting tricks for a particular match that is going to be played today. In addition to this, you will see today’s match predictions as early as 24-48 hours prior to the game. Our team gives you not only the potential match-winner but also detailed information about the side and an explanation of why we selected it. Therefore, it is an awesome opportunity to gather knowledge for your future betting journeys.

What To Bet On With Our Free Cricket Tips

What To Bet On

Once one familiarizes themselves with our free cricket tips and tricks, it’s time to practice your skills. However, many betting enthusiasts, especially fresh-minted ones, don’t know what to bet on. To solve this problem, we are going to describe your opportunities here. 

Top online betting platforms offer a vast array of opportunities to make money on cricket. They vary from simple bets on the winner of the match to more advanced options. Here are some popular types of bets. 

Type of betsWhat it means
Match Winner It is the most popular yet simplest type of bet. A bettor needs to foretell which side will win in the match.
Tournament WinnerIt works identically to Match Winner bets. The only difference is that a player is required to predict the winner of the entire tournament. 
Top Batsman/BowlerHere, you need to identify the most successful batsman or bowler. 
Toss WinnerAt the beginning of the match, a coin is thrown to determine which side will begin the game. The aim of this bet is to guess who will win the toss. 
Man of the MatchEvery game is unpredictable, but there is always a player who demonstrates the best performance during the match. A bettor needs to predict who will become this player. 
Highest Opening PartnershipThis is an advanced type of bet when you need to prognosticate which side’s opening batsmen will gain more runs during the game.

However, this list can be much bigger as there is a vast range of bets on the gaming platforms. If you are new to cricket betting, we recommend you start with the simplest options and move forward gradually. Plus, always check the odds before spending your money.

Top Online Betting Sites

Top Online Betting Sites

Even with the most sophisticated cricket betting tricks and predictions, there is a chance to lose if you select a bad betting site. Therefore, it is essential to make a smart choice even before you bet your money. However, doing your own research might be time-consuming, so many punters don’t do this. To make your gaming life easier, we have already done this job and picked the best options for Indian citizens. Take a look at the table below. 

  • One of the most reliable betting platforms in India
  • Welcome package of up to ₹10,000 in addition to free bets
  • The live streaming option is accessible
  • A broad array of cricket tournaments
  • Has a mobile app
  • Specifically designed for Indian residents
  • Accepts numerous payment methods, including Indian local ones
  • A 130% welcome package of up to ₹26,000
  • Helpful and easy to reach customer support 
  • Offers lucrative promos for loyal punters
  • The minimum deposit is just ₹110
  • One of the most helpful customer support teams in India 
  • A 100% welcome package of up to ₹8,000
  • It is easy to get support around the clock
  • The minimum deposit is ₹200
  • It is possible to cash out your winnings in 24 hours 
  • A 100% welcome reward of up to ₹2,500
  • More than 7 million punters choose MostBet
  • It is possible to get support via WhatsApp and Telegram
  • A 100% welcome reward of up to ₹25,000

We also advise you to take a detailed look at Dafabet. It is one of the most solid platforms for betting on cricket in Asia, so you definitely should give it a try. Whichever betting platform you pick, you can be sure that it is safe and secure. We feature only licensed sites that are regularly checked and audited by gambling authorities. Our team recommends wising the official sites to choose the place that suits your preferences better.

Daily Updates On All Major Global Cricket Events

Daily Updates On All Major Global Cricket Events

Our editors are not only seasoned betting experts but also devoted cricketers. They carefully collect all cricket news and rumors to be sure you won’t miss anything important. On our site, you will find daily updates on all main cricket events. Our team covers the following events and competitions:

  1. Indian Premier League (IPL);
  2. T20 World Cup; 
  3. T20 Blast;
  4. Pakistan Super League (PSL);
  5. Big Bash League (BBL);
  6. Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

Whether you prefer Indian cricket or want to follow the international matches, you will always find something interesting on our portal. We thoughtfully read media from all over the world to give you cricket updates whenever you need them.

Cricket Betting Tips For Live Betting

Cricket Betting Tips For Live Betting

We already wrote a lot about pre-match bets, but it isn’t the only way to bet on cricket. Actually, live betting is another thrilling way to feel the adrenaline rush from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to purchase an expensive ticket and travel to the city where the match is going to be. Live bets allow you to bet on games that have already started. However, betting on live cricket has its own secrets and rules. Stick with us, and we will share some valuable tricks for live betting.

What Are Live Cricket Betting Tips?

Live cricket betting usually comes with positive emotions and appealing betting odds. At the same time, many punters face difficulties on the way to their winning in this section. We have prepared some simple tips to take your betting experience to the next level. 

  • Stay calm and rational 

Live cricket betting is super quick, and you have to react fast while placing your wagers. All these factors might overwhelm you, especially if you are a newbie. Therefore, you need to be in good form and don’t let emotions influence your decisions. During periods of impulsivity, make sure to refrain from betting and think twice before spending any funds. 

  • Set your limits 

Placing live bets can be addictive, as you always want to play more and more. To lower your potential losses and keep you financially stable, decide how much you are ready to spend. In case of winning, cash out your gaming money as soon as possible. This also helps to reduce your spendings and control your gaming habits. 

  • Don’t forget to check live stats while placing live bets 

Many betting platforms publish live stats along with a live streaming mode. Don’t underestimate this information, as it will help you stay updated and get beneficial insights at the right moment. Watching live games helps better understand cricket rules and tendencies in this type of sport. With our live cricket betting tips, your chances to place a winning bet are definitely higher. So take your time, and we wish you luck!

Indian premier league betting tips & predictions

Indian premier league betting tips & predictions

The Indian Premier League is one of the most significant cricket events in the world. It attracts not only Indian residents but also punters from all over the globe. Therefore, we have prepared a series of IPL match predictions and IPL betting tips. 

IPL Predictions

IPL is a regular event, so every year, our team works hard, compiling the numbers, checking the records, and analyzing the sides to offer you the most competent IPL tips and predictions. During IPL 2022, we are also going to provide you with the most reliable and precise tricks and tips for cricket betting. 

If you are a fan of IPL, stay tuned and check our site regularly. Our IPL prognosis will help you get the most out of your betting experience with ease. Actually, by our tips, you can combine pure entertainment and a serious approach to money issues. 

IPL Today’s Match Tips

Once the IPL season starts, the game schedule becomes quite tight and is full of events. Following the IPL might seem demanding for both players and bettors. With lots of matches to bet on and numerous markets to select from, you might benefit from our IPL match predictions and IPL betting tips. We will guide you through the greatest betting opportunities and help you not to get lost in the cricket world. Our portal is the best place for the most relevant IPL predictions and would be your first place to visit when the events begin. IPL 2021 finished on 15 October 2021 (after a COVID- 19 break), so we are looking forward to a new season. From 2020, IPL will become a 10 team tournament.

Factors For Expert Cricket Betting Tips

Factors For Expert Cricket Betting Tips

Actually, dozens of things can affect the outcome of a particular game. As cricket experts, we try to take into consideration all of them. The main predictors to bring in mind are the following: 

  • Team upgrades: what happened to the side and what changes are expected;
  •  Injuries updates: we need to know who will participate in the match and who will be absent:
  • Weather conditions like rain, dew, and so on;
  • Pitch condition;
  • Field dimensions;
  • Previous games on the same field;
  • Recent history of the teams;
  • Cricket formats; 
  • Betting odds. 

Our experts address all these elements to produce the most accurate cricket predictions and improve your betting skills with profound tips and tricks. Successful cricket betting is easier than you might think!

Who Are Our Cricket Betting Tips Experts

Who Are Our Cricket Betting Tips Experts

Our writers have broad experience in betting on multiple sports, for instance, cricket and even football. Over the many years, our team has helped hundreds of people bet on cricket more often and successfully. Let us introduce some experts who work on our portal. 


Varoun is our cricket guru who knows everything about this game. Engineer since 2005, he is passionate about science, technology, and virtual gambling. Varoun spends a lot of time on cricket sites to collect the most advantageous options for you. He takes even the tiniest details seriously, so you can always be sure that his tips work like magic and his predictions are precise. 

varoun author in


Devi is an experienced writer who has been working for our web portal for 5 years. She has already created many comprehensive review articles and guides to make the lives of Indian bettors more comfortable. Before working with us, Devi took part in several online gambling projects, so she knows what she is writing about. 

devi author in


Ishani has been a cricket fan from her childhood. Unsurprisingly, she decided to find a job in the sports industry when she grew up. In her early years, Ishani worked on radio and assisted cricket commentators. Nowadays, she investigates hidden aspects of cricket betting and controls the quality of the content on our web portal.


Why Are We One Of The Best In The World Of Cricket Betting Predictions?

Many cricket match prediction sites and web portals promise to give you cricket tips with a 100% guarantee, but you need to be really careful with them. These sites ask for money but aren’t responsible for the results. Our team is quite different as our professional recommendations are not only useful but also completely free. 

Best cricket predictions presented on our website are generated by well-qualified cricket enthusiasts whose passion is to write about cricket and help bettors all over the world. Here are a few powerful reasons to choose our site as the main source of credible information:

  • You don’t have to pay anything for our predictions and tips; 
  • Our team members are real cricket experts;
  • Our writers deeply evaluate all factors to offer you only correct information;
  • We regularly publish the recent cricket news;

Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of cricket and sports in general. We also created a list of excellent betting apps so every bettor can easily find a good way to bet anywhere, at any given time.

Betting Apps To Use Our Predictions

Betting Apps

If you want to enjoy cricket to the fullest and bet on the go, you definitely need to take a look at the mobile betting apps. While there are dozens of interesting cricket betting apps on the Internet, not all of them are good. That’s why our team created a list of the best apps to choose from. 

Betting appAdvantages
Pure Win Extra bets for the initial deposit 
Numerous exciting cricket tournaments
Various markets 
ParimatchThe lucrative reward for new players up to ₹12,000
Convenient and easy banking methods
One of the best mobile applications for Indian residents
BetWay Easy to register and bet
Regular promotions for both current and novel members
An extensive list of payment options
10CRICWelcome package of up to ₹ 10,000 in addition to free bets
Features the most prominent cricket competitions
A good option for Indian punters 
Bet365A marvelous live betting section 
User-friendly and beautiful design
A kind-hearted customer care team 
1xBet One of the most widely-used apps all over the globe
A lot of languages which is especially useful for Indians
Superfast withdrawals 

When you decide to go mobile, be sure you download a trustworthy program from a licensed betting platform. Your money and personal data should be in good hands; otherwise, you might put your finances and reputation at risk.

The Latest Cricket News For Betting

The Latest Cricket News

With 100+ cricket events in India, it can be really hard to follow all the news about this type of sport. Here is where we are lending a helping hand. Generally speaking, knowing the latest updates and up-to-date information from all over the globe can be beneficial for your betting and predicting skills. It is easier to make wiser betting choices when you know what is going on in the cricket scene. 

As the top-notch source for betting tips and the best cricket predictions, our team has created a unique section on our portal with the most valuable news. We also include this information when we are preparing our match predictions. Our tipsters are here to keep you on track if you don’t have time for long and boring articles. With the data on the site, you will enrich your experience and successfully place your first wagers. 

Our team feature: 

  • breaking news;
  • various cricket announcements; 
  • injury reports;
  • the information on the most outstanding players and coaches to create a full picture. 

All this info is crucial when you are thinking about the perfect time for betting and the chances of winning. We also publish important updates from the cricket authorities, for example, the ECB or BCCI. The more you know about betting on cricket games in India, the higher possibility to place a winning bet is.


Have you ever heard about beginner’s luck? Probably yes, but do you know that you can reproduce it anywhere and anytime, even if you aren’t a newbie? All you need to do is to learn how cricket betting works. And here is exactly where our team can help. We feature the most helpful cricket betting tips and the most precise and regular match predictions at our site. Successful bets and a tidy sum of money are just a few steps from you!


Is online betting legal in India?
The short answer is yes! While sports betting is forbidden in India, online gambling platforms are completely safe and legal as they operate outside the country.
Is it possible to predict who will win a particular cricket match?
Yes, it is possible to analyze some factors, such as player statistics, weather, and team history, to improve your prediction. The more information you use, the more accurate your predictions will be.
Do you offer any free cricket betting tips?
Yes! Check out our guide above to find some useful information about cricket betting. We offer not only match predictions but also some valuable pieces of advice.
Is it safe to bet on cricket online?
Generally, it is completely safe if you are betting on a trustworthy platform. Check out our betting tips to be sure you know how to select the most suitable option for you.
Do you need to be a cricket expert to bet successfully?
Actually, no. Sure, the more you know about cricket and betting, the better your chances of winning. However, you can always visit our site and discover the most relevant tips for now.
Why are our cricket betting tips the best?
We work only with the best cricket tipsters, so you can always rely on our competence and many years of experience.