For many decades, people show great interest in gambling. To make money, you do not have to bet on your favorite sports team, you can try your luck at the casino. But with the advent of the Internet also appeared a large number of online bookmakers with a dubious reputation. To be guaranteed to win money on bets or casinos you can pay attention to a company such as 24Betting. For many years, it has been offering the people of India only the best and most interesting sporting events, with the highest odds on the market, as well as a large number of colorful casino games and excitement. After reading this article you can appreciate all the advantages of 24Betting and why you should choose 24Betting as your main bookmaker.

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Information about 24Betting company

24Betting has been a leader in the betting and casino industry in many countries around the world for many years. During its existence, the company has managed to go from a beginner to a favorite. This success of 24Betting is due to many factors. One of the main reasons is a wide range of services, namely betting on sports in different modes, as well as the presence of several sections in the casino. Since 24Betting is focused on the Indian market, you can find all the most popular sports in the country and bet on your favorite team. As with sports betting, the 24Betting platform offers every user to try their luck in a large number of casino sections that are popular in India. Among other things, 24Betting is the most honest bookmaker leaving thither competitors far behind, which proves that they always pay out unlimited winnings to their users. You can use the 24Betting website from your computer or place a bet from your mobile device thanks to the mobile version of the website which works great on all smartphones and tablets. Speaking about the legality of the company’s operations in India, I would like to mention that the company is officially registered in Europe and pays taxes, as well as the company has several reputable betting licenses, confirming its honesty and professionalism of the company.

24Betting Mobile Website (web version)

24Betting Mobile Website (web version)

One of the important features that make 24Betting stand out from its competitors is the ability to comfortably use the official 24Betting website from a mobile device. Unfortunately, at the moment the mobile applications for iOS and Android are at the stage of active development and testing, but at this time you can use an alternative that is not a bit worse, which, moreover, does not need to be downloaded and installed, which will help to save the memory of your device. With its compact form, the mobile version of the site has managed to keep all the features and services, so you do not have to resort to the desktop version of the site. Visiting the 24Betting website via your mobile device you will be able to navigate there immediately due to the user-friendly interface, as well as because of the clear and logical menu navigation. In this method, all the sports in different modes, as well as all the sections of the casino are available. Among other things, you will also be able to make a deposit or withdraw winnings through this type of site. 

It is important to note that this version of the site 24Betting is perfectly optimized and therefore works well on all IOS and Android devices, even on the screens of tablets. To use it, just open the web browser on your device and go to the 24Betting site through the search bar. And if you want to make the 24Betting mobile experience closer to a mobile app, we suggest you add a website shortcut to your home screen, so the 24Betting platform is always at your fingertips. You can do this on both iOS and Android devices.

24Betting for PC

As in the case of mobile applications for iOS and Android, the application for PC is under development, but despite this, you can still use the 24Betting website on your computer through your browser without any discomfort, for the reason that the site works perfectly on all computers and has a nice and user-friendly interface, as well as a wide range of functions.



To start using all the features and functions of 24Betting you must be registered on this platform. The number of services of the company includes a large number of types and types of casinos, as well as an immeasurable number of sports for betting in one or another model. Besides the possibility to use the 24Betting company services, you also can take part in different profitable campaigns, as well as have the possibility to get pleasant bonuses. One of the main benefits of being a 24Betting website user is that you can make deposits and withdraw your winnings whenever you want. 

Speaking of registration, this process is incredibly simple and fast as opposed to competitors thanks to the fact that registering at 24Betting does not require a lot of personal user information. To start the registration process, all you need is the Internet and a computer or a smartphone. You can go through the process with our simple instructions:


Open the official 24Betting website on your device, then click on the “Join” button on the top right;


This will open the registration screen where you need to enter your phone number;


After sending your number, the next page will appear where you have to confirm it by entering the number from the SMS in the appropriate field;


After confirming the number, the final window will appear, where you will have to enter your current e-mail address and create a password.

After completing these fields make sure that the information is correct, then check the box at the bottom which confirms that you have read the rules of the company, and click “Register”. After these few simple steps, you will be able to become a full-fledged 24Betting user and win.

It is important to note that you have to be as honest as possible and of legal age to successfully register at 24Betting.


If you are already registered with 24Betting, you only need to log in to start using all the 24Betting services. Open the official 24Betting website and click on “Login” at the top right. This will bring up a login window where you will need to enter your username or email and enter your password below. After filling in these fields just click on “LOGIN” at the bottom and enjoy using 24Betting.


Verification on the 24Betting platform is not mandatory for all users, but it is still present. However, it’s worth noting that your 24Betting account should only be used by you, not shared with other users. The official 24Betting website may require verification of your account at its discretion, or if you want to secure your account. To be verified you will only need to upload a photo of a document proving your identity, as well as a document proving your place of residence if required by the company.

Promo code

The company 24Betting does not require its users to search for current promo codes for bonuses. Instead, you can get unlimited bonuses just by inviting your friends to 24Betting. 

To invite a friend, you need to log in on the site, then go to your profile and click on the bonus button. There you will find a description of how this system works and a little below will be your unique referral link which you have to share with your friend, and then he will have to follow this link and register in 24Betting. Now after every wager by your friend you will get a cashback of 2% of their amount and when you reach INR 2,000 this amount will be automatically credited to your game account from where you can use this bonus in any section of 24Betting.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus

24Betting is famous for its large number of bonuses for both new players and professionals. To get the bonus, you need to log in to the site, then go to your wallet through the drop-down menu at the top left. After that, select the payment method you want and enter the amount. After the first three deposits, you are guaranteed to get 10% cashback, as well as 5% for each subsequent deposit. It is important to note that after each deposit you will have to notify 24Betting, via live chat. It is important to note that this bonus is valid in every section of the 24Betting website.

24Betting Video Review

Here’s an overview of the interface and design of the official 24Betting website through this video.

Deposit / Withdrawal

Deposit & Withdrawal

To start playing in the casino and make bets with 24Betting you will need to register, then replenish your gaming account. Since the company operates in many countries in Asia and Europe it offers you to take advantage of a large number of payment methods, which include support for transactions in Indian rupees. The same advantage is that the company does not charge any commissions on transactions of Indian residents neither at the stage of deposit nor withdrawal. But it is important to note that the fee may be charged by the payment system you use. All of the systems listed below are available on all platform versions. 

To deposit 24Betting India you will first need to log in to the site. To proceed directly to the process of making a deposit, we suggest you read our simple instruction, which works the same way for withdrawing money:

  1. Top right on the 24Betting home page, click on “Deposit”;
  2. Next, you will need to add the currency Indian Rupees;
  3. Enter the amount you wish to add, then click on the yellow “Deposit” button at the bottom of the window;
  4. After that, the site will offer you all the available payment methods from which you will need to choose the most convenient for you;
  5. Once you choose a method, follow the instructions 24Betting and enter the data of the method you chose, then your account will be instantly credited.

You need to make sure that the chosen deposit amount is correct, as well as the data of the chosen payment system is correct. 

Payment MethodDeposit, MinWithdrawal, MinFee
Visa100 INR500 INR0%
Mastercard100 INR500 INR0%
NetBanking100 INR500 INR0%
JioMoney100 INR500 INR0%
PayTM100 INR500 INR0%
Google Pay100 INR500 INR0%
Apple Pay100 INR500 INR0%
Mobi Kwik100 INR500 INR0%
UPI100 INR500 INR0%
FreeCharge100 INR500 INR0%
Bank Transfer100 INR500 INR0%

As a rule, bank transfers take the longest time of all available withdrawal methods. Some people receive their payouts within 5 hours of withdrawal, while others wait up to 5 business days. Thus, it’s important to think carefully about your preferred payment method, especially if you don’t want long payout times.

Cashback (VIP)

Especially for VIP users, the company 24Betting has its official Telegram channel, which contains information about all the current Cashback and other special offers, especially for the selected users.

Official Website

24betting Homepage
24betting Homepage

The 24Betting website is the face of the company and its main advantage. For this reason, it has an impeccable appearance, which makes it comfortable to use. By going to this website you can immediately understand what the 24Betting company is about and what services in the field of betting and casinos it can offer. It is important to note that using the website to make money can only be possible after registration. The main advantage of the 24Betting website is its interface, which is primarily focused on the convenience and comfort of the user. The website allows users to have lots of fun when planning online games, slots, and bets, in addition to other benefits that the website offers. By user convenience, we mean clear and logical menu navigation which represents buttons for transition to the most popular and interesting services of the 24Betting company, as well as the site content. Thanks to the user-friendly interface you can easily understand how to go to this or that place even as a new user. You should also note that the 24Betting website is made according to the latest requirements of good design. In addition to the interface, the user experience is also influenced by design. Thanks to its excellent study it came out very nice and colorful because each section of site 24Betting looks flawless and beautiful. All the buttons, pictures, and animations are made in the corporate style and colors of 24Betting.

You go to the official 24Betting website and you are directed to its main page, which contains the description of the main 24Betting services and possibilities. At the very top you can see the navigation menu on the left, then the 24Betting logo which is at once a button to go to the main page of the site, then the search line, and the registration and authorization buttons. Below is a large section in the center of the screen, which contains alternating banners with current bargain offers, which you can click on to get more information. Even further below are selections of the most interesting casino games in the form of squares with pictures of one or another game.

24Betting Sportsbook (Sports betting types)

24Betting Sportsbook (Sports betting types)

As we said before, 24Betting is known for its many choices in betting and casinos. All the services present on the 24Betting website will be available to you as soon as you register and deposit into your gaming account. Thanks to the large selection, you no longer need to use different bookmakers to bet on your favorite teams in different sports, but instead, you will have a choice of more than a dozen sports and even more sporting events. It is also important to note that the company has a special interest in India and therefore you can bet on all the most popular sports in this country.


24Betting offers its Indian customers the to bet on a large number of cricket sporting events featuring teams ranging from local to national. It is also worth noting that the 24Betting platform is an official sponsor of some Indian cricket teams. Find your favorite team or tournament of interest by selecting cricket from the list of sports and then studying the match sheets.


Kabbadi is one of the oldest games played by Indians, and besides, India is its originator. At 24Betting you can find dozens of tournaments and hundreds of teams for this game, which are available for betting in all modes, as well as with the highest odds.

  • Asian Games Tournament;
  • World Cup Kabbadi;
  • SAF Games.


The 24Betting platform is ideal for soccer fans for the reason that it contains all the most popular international and local tournaments in many countries. The company also offers the viewing of these tournaments directly from the official website, which is very convenient in Live Betting mode. The world soccer tournaments include such popular ones as

  • The Champions League;
  • UEFA Super Cup;
  • Europa League;
  • Club World Cup.


Tennis has long been a world-class sport, with various events of varying magnitude constantly taking place in many countries. Going to this section on site 24Betting you will be able to find the event or team you need and make a bet with increased odds.

  • Australian Open Tennis Championships;
  • French Open Tennis Championships;
  • Wimbledon tournament;
  • U.S. Open Tennis Championships.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is an equestrian performance sport, typically involving two or more horses ridden by jockeys (or sometimes driven without riders) over a set distance for competition. The sport is also incredibly popular not only in India but in the rest of the world. 

  • Dressage World Cup;
  • Showjumping world cup;
  • Driven World Cup;
  • World Cup Voltigeur World Cup.


Baseball originated in the United States but within a short time became popular all over the world. India has a special interest in the sport because it is a close relative of cricket, the most popular sport in India. At 24Betting you can find dozens of tournaments and teams, as well as the world, such as IBAF.

Table Tennis

If you are a fan of table tennis, then you should look at this section of the 24Betting site. There you can find the most actual tournaments in this sport in all betting modes. Pay attention to tournaments such as

  • WTT Youth Star Contender Doha;
  • South American Championships;
  • Asian Games.


Boxing is one of the oldest sports that appeared in Europe and is only gaining momentum every year. This sport is also very popular in India, especially among the male population, as it is incredibly emotional and gambling. You can bet on such tournaments as

  • WBC;
  • WBA;
  • IBF;
  • WBO.


UFC is the most popular MMA promotion and still is. This sport is much more entertaining and exciting than classical boxing and every year it has more and more fans and participants. On the 24Betting site, you can find the UFC tournament you want and bet on your favorite fighter. This mode is especially interesting in Live Betting mode.



One of the unusual options present on the site is eSports betting. This betting market is very popular and fast-growing because of the growth of tournaments and the recognition of cybersports as a separate discipline. The sport has tens of thousands of fans worldwide, including gamers and regular users. This sport is very different from the traditional ones for the reason that all the events take place not on the field, but the computer. All games in this discipline are team-based, with 4-10 people in each. The official website 24Betting has all the most popular games, as well as tournaments on which you can bet in different modes.

Dota 2

This game is one of the three most popular eSports disciplines in the world and has the largest prizes for winning tournaments. You can watch the course of matches in this discipline directly from the official site 24Betting for free. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll appreciate the presence of teams like:

  • PSG.LGD;
  • Tundra Esports;
  • Team Aster;
  • OG.


This PC game completely sounds like League of Legends. Even though this discipline is very similar to Dota 2, it still has its unique characteristics, which makes it one of the most popular computer games in the world, which are held in the world’s largest tournaments.

  • LCK Spring 2022;
  • 2022 World Championship;
  • Prime League Summer 2022.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been the best-known computer game since the late 20th century. The game has long since become a serious cyber sport discipline, with major tournaments with unimaginable budgets held annually. Also in this discipline, there are a large number of professional teams that each year are competing for who is better. If you’re a fan of CS:GO, you’ll love these tournaments on 24Betting:

  • ESL Challenger S43;
  • BLAST Fall Showdown 2022;
  • FiReLEAGUE 2022 Finals;
  • PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

StarCraft 2

This game has a gripping story with events taking place in real-time. The sci-fi story is based on three races – Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. This eSports discipline is the most popular in Asian countries. All major tournaments played in this game are available in all betting modes 24Betting.

  • 2022 GSL: ST 1;
  • IEM Katowice 2022;
  • 2022 GSL S1: Code S;
  • DHM Valencia: EU.

Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports are electronic games that generate visual feedback on a display device. The 24Betting platform offers all players the chance to get to know and try out the sport at odds just like in real sports. The sport has helped to bring variety to the way we are used to playing sports. Virtual Sports include all the popular sports that everyone is familiar with. The big difference is that the software decides the outcome and the score, and for that reason, it is very hard to make a prediction, which adds to the excitement. The sport also exists in a more realistic form, with real players from all over the world backing each team.

Fantasy Sports

The 24Betting team is very modern and advanced, so you can even bet on Fantasy Sports. The essence of the sport is that players from all over the world compete over the internet in sports we know and popular sports teams. The main feature of this game is that when playing for a team that exists in reality, the outcome of the game depends on the data and abilities of the main feature of this discipline is that when playing for a team that exists in reality, the outcome of the game depends on the data and abilities of the real player of the team.

Popular Betting Options at 24Betting

The 24Betting platform has extensive functionality in all sections of sports betting. All of the betting types available on 24Betting have their features and are designed to ensure that every user finds something to their liking. 

Live Betting

This betting option is incredibly exciting and could change your usual betting experience. Unlike its competitors, 24Betting offers you live betting on all the sports that 24Betting has to offer. The peculiarity of this betting option is that you can bet while watching a match live, based on your predictions about future events on the field.

Multi Live

Beside the other betting options on the official 24Betting website, you can also try out the new Multi Live mode. Using this mode you can create your list of 24Betting sports and bet on all of them at the same time, which can increase your winnings by several times.

Line (Prematch)

If you are a classic betting aficionado you can easily do so with 24Betting. In this betting option, all sports are available on the 24Betting platform. Prematch Betting is the kind of betting we are used to, where you bet on a particular team before the match. The advantage of this option is that it has no floating odds and you can know your exact winning potential.


This betting option is most commonly used in horse racing. On the 24Betting platform, it is available and frequently used. Its difference from other options is that if the player wins, he is guaranteed his winnings in proportion to the size of the bet, taking into account the commissions.

Types of Bets

As 24Betting is an international and versatile company you can bet in several types, with which you can get different sizes of winnings.


Single betting is the most popular and customary around the world. It is ideal for all beginners because of its simplicity. By going to 24Betting and selecting, for example, a football match, simply select the outcome with a win for one of the teams, after which you get your winnings proportional to the odds on which you open the bet.


This type of bet on the 24Betting platform can increase your winnings by several times. Its special feature is that you can place a series of bets within a single match and, should they all go in, you can make incredible winnings from the amount you originally bet.

System (Express)

This type of betting, offered by 24Betting, is incredibly gambling and at the same time challenging, but by taking the risk you can multiply your winnings several times over. By betting on several related events, their odds will be multiplied and directly affect your stake, in case all your predictions turn out to be positive.

How to Place a Bet?

Sports betting is 24Betting’s core business, so you can easily bet on any sport that interests you. At first, you must be registered with 24Betting and have a positive gaming balance. We suggest you follow these simple instructions to place your bets quickly and easily:


Go to the betting section of the 24Betting website, then in the box on the left select the sport you are interested in;


Once you have selected a sport, in the center of the screen you will see a list of events for that sport;


Select the desired match from the tournament, after that, you will be able to see the types of bets available for this match, as well as the odds;


After clicking on the desired team or player, enter the stake amount in the pop-up window and confirm the action.

Your bet will be accepted and after the end of the match, depending on who you have bet on, your winnings will be credited to your player account automatically.

Betting Odds

The odds on the betting exchange are more favorable than betting through a bookmaker. For this reason, with 24 Betting Exchange, you can get only the best odds in sports betting in any mode. The odds values appear after you select the game you want to bet on. It is important to note that the odds in this mode can change frequently.

24Betting Live Streaming

The 24Betting platform offers a large number of handy features that help make betting more interesting and fun. On 24Betting you can watch live sporting events for free. This advantage is ideal for Live betting, which saves you time and effort.

24Betting Casino

As well as sports betting, the official 24Betting website has an extensive casino section where you can find the game of your choice. This one is very different from the competition with its incredible colorfulness, simplicity, and, at the same time, an abundance of images and videos in high quality. The same can be downloaded about the soundtrack. The casino section has a great selection of gaming features that are available in Hindi, as well as several exclusive features for India.

Popular 24Betting Games

The official 24Betting website has a large section with casino games that have different themes and winnings. In total there are about 2,000 games on the 24Betting website that you can play. They all have great picture quality so you can’t look away. The 24Betting website has collected the most popular games in India and put them on the homepage. The list of these games includes

  • Andar Bahar;
  • Dragon Tiger;
  • teen Patti;
  • Ckecket War;
  • Bet On Teen Patti;
  • Lucky 7.


Poker is one of the most popular card games in India. Going to 24Betting you can choose the game of your choice and each one features a real player alongside you as well as live croupiers of pretty girls, which is sure to please the male audience. At 24Betting you can play poker games such as

  • Teen Patti;
  • Bet On Teen Patti;
  • Casino Hold’em;
  • Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker;
  • One Day Teen Patti Classic.


In this card game at 24Betting players are presented with the classic rules – score the highest number of points. This section is one of the most popular in the 24Betting casino for the reason that it has a variety of types of Baccarat, each of which presents a live croupier, as well as high-quality images. Going to this section you can try such games as

  • Speed Baccarat Cricket;
  • Marina Casino Baccarat 1 – 4;
  • Golden Baccarat;
  • No Commission Baccarat;
  • Dragon Tiger;
  • Baccarat A and B and many more.

You can also try a separate category is Speed Baccarat.


Blackjack is the most popular card game not only in India but also in the rest of the world. This popularity is due to the extreme simplicity of the game, as well as its speed. 24Betting offers you a large section dedicated to the game in which, as in the previous ones, you can compete with other players, as well as the presence of live croupiers. In this section you can find such popular Blackjack games as

  • Blackjack Gold 1 – 6;
  • Blackjack 1 – 7;
  • Blackjack Platinum 1;
  • VIP Blackjack;
  • Unlimited Blackjack.

Roulette or European Roulette

The site 24Betting also contains a large number of the most popular roulette, which are characterized by their excitement and interest. You can try such types of roulette as

  • Namaste Roulette;
  • American Roulette;
  • European Roulette;
  • European Roulette VIP;
  • French Roulette;
  • Deutsche Roulette;
  • Russian Roulette and many more.


The 24Betting website also features an exciting lottery where you can win by guessing the numbers from the 24Betting live video broadcast. This lottery has a separate section at the Casino, where you can easily find it.


The official 24Betting website has its own convenient user support service. The support staff is qualified and has a friendly manner of communication, which increases the quality of the support itself. The support can be contacted via live chat, which is available 24/7 and has a convenient and functional interface for user comfort. So if you have any questions you can easily ask them and the employees of 24Betting will instantly answer you. Just you have the opportunity to request support through the email address listed on the website.

In addition to the live chat, you can also visit a special section of the site 24Betting, where you can leave your comments or suggestions, attach any files, describe your question or suggestion in more detail, and during 24 hours you will get a meaningful response. It is also important to note that users with VIP status can contact the support via Live Chat in Telegram.

Benefits of 24Betting

The 24Betting platform has several powerful advantages over its competitors in many ways. One of the most important of these is the user-friendly and functional website. Other advantages of 24Betting also include such advantages as

  • Exclusive offers for residents of India;
  • Availability of the most popular games among Indians;
  • Support for Indian rupees;
  • Mobile version of the site;
  • Great choice of payment methods;
  • Secure website;
  • High odds and lots of sports;
  • 24-hour customer support.


The company 24Betting is running an interesting promotion, especially for its users “The Race to 1 Million”. Thanks to this promotion every user can win INR 1,000,000 every week. To take part, your first deposit must be more than INR 5,000, after which you will receive a golden ticket, with which you automatically become a participant in the promotion. The results of this promotion are summed up every Monday.

Customer Service

Being the best bookmaker in India, 24Betting cares about the well-being of its users, and for this reason, it offers GAMSTOP assistance services, BeGambleAware.org, and GamCare.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

24Betting is always open to cooperation and welcomes all guests and users. If you have any suggestions, you can go to the appropriate section on the 24Betting site after logging in and make your suggestion, which will be promptly taken into consideration.

24Betting License / Regulation

Platform 24Betting has several different permits and licenses, which confirm the legality and honesty of its work. In detail, the 24Betting company is officially registered in Costa Rica and has a betting license from that country. Additionally, the company holds an SSL Certificate which guarantees the complete safety and security of user data while using the 24Betting website. 24Betting has special encryption that keeps your data safe.


Is it legal to use 24Betting in India?
The legitimacy of using 24Betting services in India is confirmed by the existence of a special license for that country, as well as the absence of the company’s office in the territory of that country.
How to use the 24Betting app?
The 24Betting app is currently under development and for this reason, cannot be used. Instead, you can use its alternative which is the mobile version of the site.
What do I need to use 24Betting?
You need to be registered on the 24Betting site and be of legal age. Account verification is an optional requirement.