Best Betting Offers for India Players

It is a well-known fact for everyone that there are plenty of diverse betting sites actively used in India. They invite you to benefit from their sports betting and casino features as well as from some great offers. And these offers are the very thing we want to tell you in this review!

We are going to represent top sites for placing bets online, tell you what you need to do to receive bonuses and meet the main requirements of various betting offers, and provide you with general information about diverse promotions.

We hope that this article will be pretty useful for you and help you gamble on the most awesome betting site with the most generous and beneficial bonuses. Pleasant reading!

What do betting bonuses consist of?

What do betting offers include? How can I benefit from them? Is it fair?  – These questions are the most popular ones among Indian bettors. Fortunately, in this review, you will find all the answers to these questions.
To start, betting offers consist of various bonuses, promotions, free bets new customers as well as bets 30 free spins in Internet casinos, a unique casino bonus, and so on. They have different receiving and wagering requirements, that’s why it is quite tricky to say what rules you should follow to get this or that bonus. However, it is crucial to note that all requirements must be met for a successful bet.



So, how do betting offers work? 

  • The main condition for any bonus is being a registered user, that is, having an account on the betting site you want to benefit from. 
  • Then, almost all bonuses require making a particular deposit and promotions usually need you to bet on some sport. it should be said that almost every company has such promotions dedicated to horse racing and cricket. 
  • After that, you will need to enter a specific promo code or participate in the competition between the company’s customers.

When you follow all the wagering requirements, you can take advantage of the bonus you have got. You can do whatever you want with it but most often customers place the bonus money on some sporting event and win even more!

Top Cricket Betting Bonuses and Offers

Top Cricket Betting Bonuses and Offers

In the table below, we have put together various cricket bonuses that are in high demand in India. They should help you figure out which offer is worth trying.

Type Of Cricket OfferCharacteristic
The welcome bonus (or a sign-up offer)The welcome bonus is the first bet offer, which will be presented to you. It is very easy to get since it doesn’t require some extraordinary actions. To receive it, you have to create an account on the betting site of your choice and make the first deposit. For this reason, this bonus is also called a deposit bonus.
Free betsThis option is quite beneficial since you can place bets free and win more. Moreover, sports betting companies usually have various requirements for them: deposits, competitions, loyal programs, so you can easily get them by one of these ways. In addition, there are risk-free bets that will make you a winner anyway!
Special bonuses dedicated to the IPLSpeaking of cricket qualifying bets, we can’t fail to mention the main cricket event in India – the IPL. When the League takes place, all betting sites begin to offer some bonuses for depositing on the IPL. These offers can contain either bonus money or free bets.


Indian bookmakers have different betting opportunities, so it is even difficult to choose the best betting offers and identify the most profitable ones.
Two features will help you choose them: a bonus amount of money and receiving requirements. The more money you can get as a bonus, the better the offer is. Approximately the same rule is with requirements: the easier requirements are, the more attractive gift is.



Sometimes it is impossible to select one betting site from a gigantic number of them. That’s why bettors often feel confused while doing it. However, we have excellent news for you, we have prepared a rating of various betting sites with amazing offers! Check it out!


In this bookmaker, you will appreciate everything: from the design of the platform to its features. But we will draw attention to its offers as it has plenty of them. The most unusual and attractive ones are the Telegram bonus and PayTM offer. 

Subscribe to 4rabet in Telegram, deposit via PayTM, and two awesome bonuses will be yours!


This betting site invites you to try getting a cashback of 30% and its exclusive deposit offer, the bonus amount of which is 13,000 rupees. We guess that these bonuses are generous enough, moreover, here you will find many cricket options.


What is the coolest bonus in Bettilt? Of course, a welcome bonus! Its sign-up offer is divided into three bonuses: it makes you obtain a bonus amount of money three times after deposits. The entire sum is 74,000 rupees.


Dafabet provides a wide variety of bonuses, for example, it has an incredible casino bonus, which is 8,000 rupees. Also, it is worth noting that it has a lot of promo codes for receiving some money as a gift.


PureWin is the very company that makes a very generous welcome offer. Besides 10,000 rupees, you will be able to receive bets free! Use and enjoy it!

5 Betting Bonus Tips for Punters

5 Betting Bonus Tips
  1. While choosing a bookmaker, pay special attention to its number of bonuses. In this case, betting here will be more engaging and profitable;
  2. Don’t be lazy to take advantage of a welcome bonus on the betting site. It is usually possible to receive it within one week. It will help you to make your first deposit and earn more;
  3. Try risk-free bets. This free bet will help you win anyway because even if your bet is unsuccessful, part of the money deposited will be returned to you;
  4. Read this review carefully, here you will learn a lot of helpful information about betting offers. By learning all this info, you will understand what the best betting offers are and where you can find them.
  5. Use bonuses as bets. Thus, you will have a chance to bet and win much more!

What is a Betting Bonus?

If you are a newbie in the world of betting, you will undoubtedly have this question. The answer is straightforward: a betting bonus is some kind of offer that the bookmaker provides users with. It consists of bonuses (a deposit bonus, a casino one, and others), promotions, free bets and spins (in a casino), cashback opportunities, some competitions with the prize.

We dare say that such offers help bettors to participate in the process faster and with more enthusiasm. Plus, they are easy to get and feel more like an extra determination to place bets as many people don’t want to spend too much money on bets and try to get more bonuses to compensate for that.
All in all, bonuses are vital in the betting industry and we recommend trying to receive them!



A quite big number of various offers exist in Indian bookmakers. 

There are quite a lot of different offers in Indian bookmakers. 

This provides users with a rich choice, allowing them to find the type of betting that suits them best. We have listed them and compiled a characteristic for each of them especially for you!

Welcome offer or a sign-up bonus.

Almost all companies offer it after registration. It is usually about 10,000. You will be able to receive it after the deposit.

Free bets.

This kind of offer is in incredible demand today thanks to its convenient use. This way, you can not waste your money and, on the contrary, earn much.


We guess it is understandable from the name that there are some discounts, sometimes they require doing something to get them. However, oftentimes you need to enter a unique promo code and that’s it!


It is also quite clear – the opportunity to get money back (part or all of the amount deposited).

Loyalty programs.

They include both promotions and bonuses like a deposit bonus offered for constant users of the company.

Boosted or enhanced odds.

The ability to place a bet with more profitable conditions.


If you have already tried betting and maybe even getting some bonuses, you for sure have faced such a term as wagering requirements. What do they mean and why should you follow them at all?

There is no something extraordinary, a wagering requirement is a rule that regulates how a player may spend the earnings obtained by a promotion. Thus, after receiving this or that deposit bonus, you have to wager it (in each bookmaker, there are different required times of wagering).



As we have already written, betting sign-up offers are the main ones on any betting site. They are only valid for new customers. They are usually quite large, and sometimes betting companies give you not only money as a bonus but also free bet offers.

How to obtain this perfect deposit bonus on the betting site or in the app? Follow the next simple steps!

  1. Create an account in the betting company;
  2. Log in to your account;
  3. Place your first bet but remember that it is valid for 7 days;
  4. Get and benefit from the welcome bonus!

Nevertheless, this bonus is not the one, which is available to new bettors. There are other kinds of deposit bonuses, some free bets new to many people, competitions, and promotions. When you decide to sign up with a certain bookmaker, you will be able to try all these offers and get plenty of gifts!

What are the best betting offers for new players?

We have already introduced you to the main betting offers, and now you know that there are a lot of them. Sign-up offers are not only the most attractive ones, but they are also easy to get, so it’s only natural that you will want to receive more! However, unfortunately, the welcome offer is possible to receive only once.
But you should not be sad since the welcome offer is not the only one available for new bettors. You can receive lots of various gifts, free bets, participate in betting competitions and promotions, get bonuses and discounts by being a loyal customer, to name a few.



This kind of bonus is very popular in India. People appreciate the opportunity to deposit some money and get more as an additional gift, then bet them all and receive even more! 

It is convenient since by depositing, for example, 2,000 rupees in some companies, you can get 4,000 rupees! Not bad, right?

How can you get the deposit bonus? There are a few ways to do this, so make sure to check them below!

  1. Registering with an online bookmaker and placing your initial deposit earns you a bonus. It is a standard welcome offer.
  2. The reward for users who play for large sums of money. Bonuses for using a specific payment system, for example, 4rabet, gives bonuses for depositing via PayTM.
  3. Fixed bonuses. That is, you will be eligible for a bonus for a certain number of deposits or a certain amount of the deposit.
  4. A bonus that is only good for a limited time and/or is scheduled to connect with a competition. Many betting sites like Paddy Power, for example, provide bonuses for IPL deposits or horse racing tournaments.

What is a deposit bonus?

A deposit bonus is an offer that is frequently made available on bookmaker websites. It denotes the proportion of cash received by the player in addition to his/her initial investment. This sort of offer is generally restricted, so verify the terms and conditions before claiming one.
Another thing to look at is the bonus amount you’ll be receiving. Thus, the bonus amount might be about 20% of the deposit or 100% and even 200%. However, in the second case, the minimum deposit may be increased. For this reason, we advise you to choose a bookmaker with more profitable bonus conditions. You need to not only check its offered sports and live opportunities but also its diversity of bonuses.



A lot of bettors, who do some activities on the betting sites, don’t know about the ability to earn money by getting bonuses. Moreover, there are several types of such offers! Let’s consider them together:

  1. Loyalty encouragements. All betting companies appreciate their existing customers, and to thank them for using their platform, the bookmakers present incredible bonuses or discounts. It is like a motivation for players to bet more and use a particular betting site, which gives them such gifts. By the way, loyalty rewards are received by players even who do not make huge deposits.
  2. VIP offers. As you understand from the name, such offers are also for loyal customers and have some unique features. Companies more often organize special clubs with VIP existing customers, and to become such a member, you have to earn points while betting. The more you get, the more chances that you visit this club.

We must admit that not all bookmakers have such betting offers. That’s why check it before registering on a web page of a particular company to have more opportunities to get money.



A separate kind of bonus is free bets. They are similar to the cashback offers but have easier conditions for obtaining. Free bets, also known as free bet stakes, are the opportunity to place sporting qualifying bets without paying real money. And it is worth mentioning that free bets exclude bet credits.

How to use this gift? The usage is no different from the usual betting process. If you want to place a bet, the betting site will invite you to do it with your free bet stakes. Imagine, you can place a free bet stake and receive a lot of money! What’s not to like?

Are these offers worth using? Of course! Especially if you are a new bettor and don’t know how everything works here, you can learn all this by placing free bets and not wasting your funds. By using these free bets, you can win even more than with usual ones, but it depends on your skills and the company’s conditions.

How to obtain free bet offers?

As we have already noted, free bets betting is a helpful possibility for Indians without experience in this sphere to understand how it works and win some money without depositing. It does not require some extraordinary actions to obtain. However, there are several ways of gaining them:

  1. By creating an account on the betting site or in the app and/or placing the first bet there; 
  2. Via some promotions or competitions, in which the prize is free bets credited to you;
  3. Inactive gamblers who have not bet in a long time are occasionally given free bets by bookmakers. This is the way companies persuade clients to come back.

The best free bets are those that you receive as a new customer, they are always on offer in 888Sport, Royal Panda, and some other platforms.

Please bear in mind that various bookmakers have different rules and conditions regarding free bets. It is not only about their receiving but also about withdrawing winnings obtained thanks to them.


Cashback is a feature that is popular not only in betting companies but also on many other platforms from different spheres. It is a possibility to return some amount of depositing money back. Most often, bookmakers offer 30% cashback but, of course, there are more or less in some of them.
This bonus involves wagering requirements, which is a crucial feature. It is a bit similar to how free bet wagering occurs. As a result, if you win money, you won’t be able to withdraw it until you complete the conditions. They are different in various companies, and you have to get acknowledged with their rules before trying to receive cashback.



Odds are an integral part of the betting process, and your winnings depend directly on them. Due to this point, when companies want to organize some promotions and provide an additional chance to win more for their users, they allow betting with enhanced odds. Usually, these include the odds of 1.5.
Thus, your bonus amount, in this case, will depend on your skills and understanding of the match, the teams’ behavior, and the sport itself. For example, if you want to benefit from betting on some sport by using boosted odds of 1.5, you should be confident in your knowledge about this sport, match, and players. Otherwise, you will lose.


Each company has specific offers’ conditions. So, we recommend you read them before using this or that bonus.

Also, they are different depending on the offer. For instance, the welcome bonus is valid strongly for new users only, while cashback has certain wagering requirements. At the same time, free bets credited to you have special instructions regarding withdrawing.
If you need some help with an addiction, you should visit Please gamble responsibly and check all the information about all the conditions of the company before using it.


It is impossible to imagine betting without bonuses and similar offers. They motivate users to gamble more and win great money calculated on bonus bets! Clients often don’t continue gambling after unsuccessful bets; however, thanks to incredible offers, they keep enjoying gambling options!

We hope that this article was helpful for you, and after reading it, you understood what bonuses exist and how to use them properly. 

Moreover, in this article, there were mentionings of some betting companies, where you can try the best free bet offers, earn great bonus money, receive bet and payment method bonus, and so on. 

Please gamble responsibly and don’t get addicted. Enjoy betting but remember to be careful!


Can I obtain a welcome bonus without registration?
Unfortunately, no. This bonus is accessible only after registration and making the first deposit. By the way, if you are not new to the bookmaker but decided to receive it one more time and create a second account, it will be blocked during the verification.
Where can I find the best free bets?
There are quite a gigantic number of Indian betting companies where you can find this option. Some of the bookmakers like Royal Panda, Casumo, etc., allow you to try a free bet offer directly after registration.
Can I get my money back as a bonus?
Of course! You can do it without any difficulties by trying a cashback system. It is available at most bookmakers. However, it is not valid all the time, check the promotions of the company to be aware of the cashback requirements.
What is risk-free betting?
A risk-free bet offer is a wager that you can place without paying. But why is it called the risk one here? Because after placing a bet, it will be possible for you to return a part of the money even if it isn’t a matched free bet. It is similar to cashback, but the bet itself is free here. Enjoy free bets betting!
How to place a qualifying bet with bonuses?
The main rules of lucky using bonuses are to check all the details about this or that offer before trying it and use bets free if you are a newbie. Also, the qualifying bet must be placed with great knowledge about the teams playing in the match. But please gamble responsibly!
Can I get a bonus in bookmakers’ social networks?
Yes! This opportunity is possible in many bookmakers. For example, 4rabet encourages its Telegram subscribers by giving attractive bonuses. Hurry to try it!