Betting Sites That Accept UPI in India

When you place bets or play casino games on Indian platforms, choosing a reliable payment service, such as UPI, is very important. You can deposit and withdraw winnings conveniently, safely, quickly, and using any device. Indian bettors choose bookies, where different payment methods are presented, but UPI is always a priority.

In the review below, you will learn all the details of the UPI payment method, how it works, which Indian banks support it, how the deposit and withdrawal of funds through UPI happens, which betting sites accept this tool today, and other relevant info.

What is UPI?

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a payment system that works on the principle of combining several bank accounts into one mobile application, as well as a combination of several banking functions, trading payments, and replenishment of your account at the best betting sites. 

The service was launched in 2016. The developers of UPI had the main goal – to create a service on a peer-to-peer network to collect user requests that can be scheduled and paid for quickly, conveniently, and safely. 

UPI payment service was created in India. It was developed by the National Payment Corporation of India in order to simplify and secure online transactions for residents of the country. However, today it is used in some other places. At the moment, residents of five other countries, including India, can use that payment tool to conduct transactions, as well as for betting deposits. 

UPI supports more than 200 banks covering more than 100 million customers. The payment service has a good reputation, so its customer base is constantly expanding. Indians choose UPI, as it comes with a highly secure virtual identifier to store payment data in strict confidentiality. Authentication, in this case, is easy – with one click.

In short, UPI features can be shown as follows:

  • A single payment interface integrates different banking services;
  • The whole system is built into the mobile application, and access to it is possible from there;
  • UPI deposit is used in all fields, from business transactions to virtual betting;
  • That service combines more than a hundred banks in India.

UPI Deposit Services

UPI Deposit Services

Deposits with UPI are fast and convenient. The system combines a variety of banking services and functions in one place so that each user can benefit from using it. 

Customers of UPI conduct transactions on any device, including mobile gadgets. You will apply only your phone number or UPI ID to make payments quickly and securely. 

Since the popularity of this payment method in India is growing every year, today, most Indian residents make transactions via that payment tool. 

You can make a UPI deposit or withdrawal funds under that terms:

  • Online Payment Address: Request or send funds to/from a bank account via VPA.
  • Mobile phone number: Request or send cash to/from a bank account applying for a mobile phone number.
  • Through your account number: Forward transactions to a bank account.
  • Aadhaar: Send funds to your bank account via Aadhaar number.
  • Special QR code: Send your funds via a unique QR code that has an account number, VPA, mobile phone, or IFSC number.

Banks That Support UPI Payments Online

In 2022, about 200 banks that support the UPI electronic service have already registered in India. Also, people can have accounts with these banks and top up their deposits with bookmakers through this payment tool.

So, here is a list of the most popular banks in India that accept deposits through the UPI service:

  • Indian State Bank (SBI Pay);
  • ICICI Bank (iMobile);
  • HDFC Bank (HDFC Bank MobileBanking);
  • Axis Bank (Axis Pay);
  • Bank of Maharashtra (MahaUPI);
  • United Indian Bank (United UPI);
  • Vijaya Bank (Vijaya UPI);
  • Union Bank of India (Union Bank UPI);
  • The Federal Bank (Lotza);
  • UCO Bank (UCO-UPI);
  • Yes Bank (Yes Pay);
  • Karnataka Bank (KBL Smartz);
  • Punjab National Bank (PNB UPI);
  • The Bank of Baroda (Baroda MPay);
  • South Bank of India (SIB M-Pay).

How to Deposit Money on Betting Sites with UPI

To make a deposit, log into your UPI wallet, find the “Send money” button there and click it. After that, enter the recipient’s virtual ID in the field that opens on the screen and specify the amount of the deposit you have decided to send. Then you need to enter your PIN to prove the transaction. So, as you may notice, funding betting accounts via UPI India is a standard procedure.


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Withdraw Process with UPI

The whole process goes pretty easy. Take a look at the guide below: 

  1. Run the betting site and enter your account. 
  2. Search for the “Withdraw” button and when found, tap that. 
  3. After that, you will see a list of available withdrawal tools.  
  4. Pick the UPI service by taping that.
  5. Enter the sum you want to cash out from your betting account.
  6. Type in the IFSC code, which comes with 11 digits to confirm your authenticity. 
  7. Finish the withdrawal process and confirm the action.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Making a UPI Deposit at a Betting Site?

Why do they choose UPI to deposit on Indian betting sites? It is obvious – because that method is:  

  • cheap; 
  • safe;
  • fast.

At the moment, UPI service is presented at betting and gambling platforms, and so now, this is much easier for Indians to make transactions while online betting.

  • Commission fees for depositing and withdrawing with UPI are pretty low, so this is a cheap payment option.
  • Easy to use. UPI has been created to make it simple and easy for Indian clients to provide transfers and transactions.
  • UPI transfers go pretty quickly: winning funds will be available in your betting or casino account pretty soon.
  • Privacy is highly guaranteed, so whatever data you provide to that payment operator, you can stay assured that it will not be revealed to any third party.
  • Safe transactions. The point is that UPI is required to follow the guidelines set by the Reserve Indian Bank and is also regulated by it, so it is a highly secure deposit method for gamblers.
  • Perform transactions right on the go. It is the best way to deposit and cash out funds since you can use your mobile device. This payment method is also app-based, which means you can use it anytime and anywhere.
  • UPI is strictly controlled by the Indian Reserve Bank, and so it is incredibly secure to use.
  • Filing a complaint is easy. If you have any problems with your UPI, you can easily file a complaint from the UPI app itself.
  • Low level of anonymity. UPI is controlled by the Indian government, so they have complete insight into customers’ transactions if they want to.
  • UPI transactions aren’t instant since betting sites take time to process and confirm your transfer and send the money to your account.

Start Depositing with UPI for Cricket Betting

Start Depositing with UPI for Cricket Betting

Cricket is a famous and really popular kind of sport in Asia, especially in India. Thousands of fans are looking forward to the next cricket tournament, no matter – domestic or international level, to stick to the screens and not miss a single half. The best Indian bookmakers offer favorable odds and many lines for betting on cricket competitions. 

If you want to join the army of cricket bettors, choose reliable Indian sites. Here you can get an unforgettable experience and choose the most convenient payment service for depositing funds to your account. The most popular deposit method for now is UPI.

Take a look at the steps you need to perform so that you can make a proper UPI deposit to an online betting platform.

Download the UPI Online Wallet

First of all, you need to create an online wallet to use the UPI service. So you will be able to make a deposit on betting sites using that payment tool.  

Where will you get such a wallet from? It’s a simple business – you can easily download such a virtual wallet from almost anywhere. You can find it in the App Store as well as in the Google Play Store. Choose a wallet option from those that we have presented to you below:

  • BHIM operator;
  • PayTM service;
  • PhonePe payment tool;
  • Mobikwik service;
  • Google Pay.

Keep in mind your current bank account will be linked to the wallet. All transactions you will run via your virtual wallet will come from your current bank account. It means you need to have an appropriate bank account.

Make Deposits with UPI

If you have already subscribed to a betting site and are on your way to start betting, top up your account first. For this, you can try out a payment tool – UPI. By the way, making a deposit via UPI is not much different from other banking services. The UPI developers did their best to simplify the transaction process as much as possible. So, below there is a brief guide on how to make a deposit using UPI:

  1. Enter the Indian betting site and log in to your profile. 
  2. Search for the Deposit button in your account (actually, it is pretty easy to discover).
  3. Pick the UPI deposit tool among the presented services on the payment web page. 
  4. Decide about the amount you want to send to your balance and type in that sum in the appropriate line. 
  5. Finish the process according to a detailed guide of the betting site. 

Join UPI-Accepted Cricket Betting Platforms

What betting offices in 2022 accept payments through UPI? It is worth noting that this payment tool is very famous in India. However, some gambling platforms do not allow you to deposit with UPI. Therefore, if you decide to make transactions only using the service, we offer you a pick with the most lucrative betting sites in India that will allow you to replenish an account using that payment system.

  • Betway;
  • Pin-Up;
  • Pure Win; 
  • 22bet;
  • Casumo; 
  • ComeOn;
  • Melbet;
  • Parimatch.

How Safe is UPI?

UPI is considered a safe method to conduct transactions for a reason. The point is that the Reserve Bank of India controls the functionality of that payment system. Also, to save customer data, the UPI service uses high technologies to ensure the security and protection of bettors’ data. 

Two-factor authentication in a PIN code provides an extra level of protection when making transactions on UPI betting platforms in India, where modern encryption protocols are used. In addition, numerous UPI apps, such as Google Play, also include advanced security features.

Since you connect to the UPI service, that online application will use your phone number as an identifier to protect your account information. It is the main guarantee of your identity to remain safe.

At the moment, the UPI service is accepted on many betting sites in India. It is one of the safest ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

There is a diverse selection of UPI virtual wallets in India. You can pick one to make deposits when placing online bets. Here are some of the most wanted types of wallets:

  • Paytm;
  • PhonePe;
  • Google Pay;

You can quickly load any of those UPI utilities from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Keep in mind that once you have downloaded your UPI app, you should provide personal data about yourself. You have to create a personal Virtual Payment Address (VPA) when that is completed. Due to it, you will send and get funds money via UPI.


Modern Indian bettors choose convenient services for having fun. And this also applies to ways to replenish the balance on betting sites. Therefore, the UPI payment system will be among the top 5 popular payment tools gamblers use in 2022. 

And for the record, the primary purpose of creating the UPI service was to promote the cashless economy in India and abroad. Thanks to UPI, that goal has been achieved. Today in India, more and more residents prefer services such as UPI for different transactions instead of ordinary credit or debit cards. 

Due to UPI’s non-cash and direct payments, you can now take advantage of all the benefits of virtual gambling and sports betting from the comfort of your home.


Will UPI charge any transaction fee when I use it to fund my betting account?
You do not need to pay anything when depositing money to a gambling or betting account via UPI.
Is it reliable to fund a betting account with UPI on online bookies sites?
Yes, you can be sure – UPI is a secure method for deposits. Moreover, the service is regulated by the public state institution, the Reserve Bank of India, so you will feel safe and secure when doing transactions via UPI.
How fast do UPI deposits to betting sites take?
Mainly, UPI betting deposits come to your balance in a few minutes. If you are a new user and have never tried the UPI tool for depositing before, first, you should learn some current terms and conditions on how to conduct UPI transactions. Read the review above to discover the most updated details.
Can I cash out winnings from Indian betting platforms via UPI?
Surely, you can use UPI to withdraw your betting or gambling winnings. The majority of modern bookies who support UPI deposits also accept their clients to use UPI for cashouts. Besides, UPI betting withdrawals are fast, safe, and user-friendly, and you should definitely try them.