How to win in cricket betting

Sports betting is one of the most exciting and popular online activities in India and many other countries. Many local punters want to try their fortune and place wagers on local and international cricket matches. Even though it may seem that it is impossible to win in cricket betting, there are simple tips and strategies that can help you beat bookmaker sites and get great profit. You just need to remember that, unlike casino slots, sports betting is not based on pure luck. Use recommendations and instructions from this review to start placing profitable cricket wagers and win real money!

Pre-game Research

Pre-game Research

Keep in mind that knowledge is the key to successful betting sessions and correct cricket predictions. Your main task is to prepare for your wager. Browse through recent sports news and the bookmaker’s offers to find an interesting event with high odds. After choosing a match, you need to find more information about it:

  • Competing teams and their previous results
  • Top players and their injuries
  • Rankings and Statistics
  • Expert predictions

This is the most important step, and you can use it to learn how to place winning bets. However, other tips from this article will help you become a pro punter. Therefore, you should use this advice in conjunction with all other directions to succeed.

Know your sport inside out 

One of the best strategies is to place wagers on your favorite sport because you need to possess as much data as possible to make correct predictions and place successful bets. Learn everything you can about cricket rules and pay attention to the latest matches and tournaments. Explore information about leading teams and analyze their actions in previous seasons.

Analyze Rankings, Ratings, and Performance

Cricket ratings represent top teams, their current success, and achievements in past seasons. Ratings can be extremely useful because they help players analyze all changes and check whether the team is capable of reaching the Finals this year. 

Since top bookies often have special sections with Ratings and Rankings, you can easily find more information about the selected team right before placing your wager.

How Reliable Are Cricket Rankings When Betting?

It is very important to understand that cricket rankings are not predictions. Rankings just show the team’s past accomplishments. However, you can analyze cricket ratings to find more data about top teams. For example, you can find out that last season’s IPL winner is only fifth this year. By doing quick research, you can learn that the team loses to top opponents because its lead player is injured. Using this data, you can easily place a winning bet on the team’s next game.

Check the Weather

Check the Weather

Weather conditions can affect every cricket match, and you should always check weather forecasts to make only correct predictions. First of all, you need to remember that extreme conditions lead to canceled cricket games. Your favorite match can be postponed if it just starts to rain. There are also other important elements that you should check before placing a wager:

  • Temperature. Both high and low temperatures can influence the game’s results. For example, athletes from northern regions will feel much more comfortable playing in colder conditions. At the same, you can expect their performance to be worse during tournaments in hot tropical countries.
  • Pitch. Keep in mind that water and sun can affect the pitch, making it too wet and slippery or too dry.

Don’t Bet More than You Can Afford

While sports betting can be a great source of income, it is important to keep your emotions under control and prevent reckless decisions. After placing a successful wager and winning real money, punters want to win more and start making bigger and bigger bets. Since some gaming fans are not capable of making rational decisions during betting, it is really important not to bet more than you can afford. Just remember that the more you bet, the more you can lose. Before starting a betting session, you should set your maximum budget and maximum bet limits. Most bookmaker platforms allow users to create such limits automatically, helping players fight gambling addiction.

Study Cricket Stats and Results at Each Ground

Do not forget that every stadium has special geographic conditions that can influence the game. Therefore, you should “explore the Ground” before making a bet. Compare the results of all matches played at this stadium and try to find any similarities.

Know the Cricket Players, Skills, Preferred Formats, and Conditions

All players have unique abilities, and every team picks rookies in accordance with their skills. However, there are always extremely talented superstar athletes that can lead their team to victory, and you should find more information about such players: their training, contracts, injuries, etc. If the star player is injured and his team has to compete without him, their opponents will automatically have a better chance of winning the game.

Choose the right Bookmaker sites

Choose the right Bookmaker sites

Keep in mind that there are numerous betting brands that provide high-quality gaming products and give Indian players an opportunity to claim generous rewards and earn real money. You can easily choose the most convenient and profitable platform. Pay attention to these important elements:

  • Innovative bettingpro features. Top bookies allow local users to take advantage of the most modern features and settings. They are constantly adding new sections and categories, helping players enjoy online betting with maximum comfort.
  • Bonuses. Review the most popular gaming resources and find sites with free gifts for new and active clients. You can use welcome rewards and temporary promotions to boost your deposits and win bigger prizes. 
  • Betting markets. Select platforms with large sportsbooks that feature the world’s most admired sports: from cricket and football to tennis and horse racing. Do not forget to make sure that the selected bookmaker has an impressive cricketbook and a special Live section with in-game offers.
  • App. Since mobile betting is extremely popular among Indian punters, most international brands create user-friendly applications for iOS and Android devices. Such apps allow gaming fans to place wagers via their smartphones and tablets, making betting much more comfortable.
  • Odds. Browse through the brand’s pre-match and in-game offers to check its odds. Top resources provide cricket games with high odds, giving players an opportunity to increase their winnings.

Read books

While stats and other rankings can give you a lot of important info about the selected sport, its rules, and top teams, it is also very important to read books. First, there are numerous books written by cricket experts, and you should choose the most famous publications to explore several different points of view. Both beginners and professional punters should analyze expert opinions to follow the latest developments in sports and learn from reputable specialists.

There are also sports betting books that cover basic information about gaming strategies. You can read them online to learn how to study and test advanced techniques that will take your betting skills to the next level.

Don’t just stick to one bookmaker – shop around

Since well-known companies are constantly updating their sites, you should follow their new features and offers. It is great to be loyal to your favorite brand, but you can try other platforms to find the best variant.

However, you need to keep in mind that some unreliable gaming resources just don’t give players an opportunity to place successful wagers and withdraw their winnings. It means that you should join only reputable platforms that operate under trustworthy international licenses.

Don’t Panic Over a Bad Result

Don't Panic Over a Bad Result

Remember that no one can win every betting session. After losing money, inexperienced players often start panicking and try to compensate for it with bigger wagers. However, punters usually place such bets in a rush and without any pre-game research or other preparations, making it almost impossible to win. Everyone can have bad results, and you shouldn’t lose control after your first loss. Take a deep breath, calm down, and use your knowledge to make a 100% successful wager.

Gaming fans should also regulate their finances to lose only insufficient amounts of money.

Don’t bet with your heart

Cricket betting can be incredibly stressful, and some unreliable bookies can even try to speculate on your emotions. Therefore, players need to remember that it is impossible to use anything other than knowledge to make match predictions. Most international bookies have special Responsible Gambling/Betting sections that give punters a wonderful opportunity to find more information and learn how to bet rationally. Don’t let your emotions take over and place bets with logical decisions and not your heart.


All in all, betting on cricket is not as difficult as it may seem. Both professional and new punters should use all these tips to start placing only successful wagers. Do not forget that sports betting is based on knowledge, and you need to gain experience. Take your time, consider each decision, and bet on your favorite cricket team to become a true expert.


Is it possible to beat top bookmakers?
Yes, honest brands do not try to trick their users, and that is why you just need to use your gaming knowledge and tips from this article to place successful bets and win real money.
What is the best cricket bettingpro strategy?
All gaming strategies have their own advantages, and you just need to select the most suitable variant. The best strategy for inexperienced players is to learn how to do pre-game research.
Are there any reliable sites with cricket predictions?
Even though some platforms offer sports predictions, you shouldn’t trust such companies. The best option is to use tips from this article to create your own predictions and win.