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Welcome to our website, bettingcricket.in We are here to help you find everything you want, including the best online bookmaker reviews and all the promotions on the sites. We want to share all our knowledge so that you can be successful in your sports investment career and always find the best market offers. Our goal is to give you the place where you can find out about bookmakers and their bonuses, and receive all the information you want in just a few clicks.



Our site is made up of people with extensive experience in the online betting markets, as well as betting and gambling enthusiasts. The team of bettingcricket.in includes professionals who reside in India, and other countries like Scotland and England who are totally passionate about sports in general.

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Our team has vast experience in sports betting. Over the years, we have helped many people around the globe to place successful bets.


Mahesh is one of the most experienced individuals here at BettingCricket.in. Programmer since 2000, Mahesh is passionate about graphic arts, technology, astronomy and electronics. He tries to keep up with the latest news from the world of science and is a big fan of the Delhi Capitals.


Shaili is a self-proclaimed logophile whose preferred method of communication is written form. As a publisher with prior experience in the digital marketing and social media industry, he aims to improve readability and ensure that all content published is accurate, intelligible and free of typos.

Shaili keeps up with the trends, makes sure that the site’s content is engaging, and keeps things running on a regular schedule. He is a true guardian of Betting Cricket.


Varoun is a freelance sports author at Betting Cricket. He’s been part of the sports betting industry for half a decade now, watching its rapid development and expansion. His freelance writing experience is almost entirely based on cricket. He’s done a few shows in the tech sphere, mostly related to unmanned aerial vehicles. However, as soon as Varoun had the opportunity to start working in the sports betting industry, he set aside his passion for drones.

As far as Varoun’s workload is concerned, he is not tied to a specific type of article. He does a little bit of everything, including blog articles and news. Whenever there’s something urgent on the to-do list, Varoun is the man to call!


Devi is a copywriter for bettingcricket.in. She has already written a number of news and sporting event predictions. Before writing for bettingcricket.in, she has been involved with other sports betting and gambling projects. Some of the special events she covers are the main championships (majors and minors) of  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

For Devi, writing about sports and the world of online betting is a way to combine business with pleasure. Her favorite sports are cricket, martial arts,  tennis  and eSports. However, she doesn’t give up on following basketball, American football, baseball and even chess.


Even before Ishani started college, she found herself working in sports. That was a long, long time ago when TV broadcasts were still a rarity, cable stations were scarce, and everyone listened to the radio. Back then, Ishani assisted a radio commentator for cricket matches. Twenty years later, the image still remains secondary to the cricket games she follows, while passion remains first.

Today, Ishani firmly believes that trying to get the forecast right could make any match interesting. She carefully researches underserved leagues and markets that go beyond “who’s going to win the game” and supervises the quality of the bettingcricket.in content production.



We are focused on conducting surveys of online bookmakers operating in Indian territory, considering several important factors when choosing the best site. We have established relationships with different bookmakers, which offer the best online betting bonuses available.

What We Offer

If you’ve clicked on our site before, you’ll know that there’s no shortage of quality content here at Betting Cricket. We are always adding new sections in an attempt to keep users engaged, and the site is always growing with content. To help you get the best online gaming experience possible, we are constantly working to be on top of a constantly changing industry. 

The pages below help us keep things organized, however, you should check the boxes below for a quick synopsis of what each of our sections offers. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, you can always go to our sitemap.

Online Gambling Guides

If you are new to online gaming, this should be your first stop. Here, you can find a ton of information to help you choose the safest betting site to suit your needs. We provide detailed information when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, as well as various bonuses, security, and customer service. We have guides for:

Site Rating and Reviews

This section speaks for itself. The best betting sites on the web are constantly struggling for first place and we are always reviewing and updating their rankings accordingly based on several different categories. For example, some sites are better for casino games, while others might be excellent for sports betting. Also, we only rate reputable sites that meet our high standards.

Laws of the Game

While the news team covers new developments when it comes to legalizing online gambling, our Gambling Laws section is where you can find a comprehensive list of existing laws and regulations anywhere in the world. Our Gaming Law section covers North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia / Oceania and Africa.

Game News Page

Our news section focuses on updating users when it comes to the latest industry developments around the world. Our news team does a phenomenal job of keeping tabs on changing gambling laws in India and elsewhere. The news section also includes updates on potential legislation that could lead to the legalization of gambling in your area soon.

Gambling Blog Page

We have a dedicated team of writers contributing to our extensive blog. Here you can find advice on sports betting, casino gaming strategy, brand new video content and all kinds of other content related to the world of online and offline gambling.


The FAQs section is useful for newcomers. There are many common questions you might have in mind. We add links to additional information where necessary.

Sports betting

Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. We’ve seen tremendous growth in the Indian sports betting world in recent years. We’ve covered everything under the sun, so click the button below to check out all of the sports betting sites we recommend.

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