Privacy Policy for Betting Cricket

The following “Privacy Policy” (hereinafter also referred to as the “Policy”) for Betting Cricket, together with our Disclaimer and Terms of Use (incorporated here), collectively apply to your use of this website and the programs, services and software. Access to the policy is available to all users via the link at the bottom of each page on this website.

Cricket Betting values ​​your continued sponsorship and is committed to respecting your privacy rights, taking all necessary steps to protect them. Therefore, we have created this Privacy Policy to inform you how we collect, manage and use your personal information as part of the normal operation of this website.

This Privacy Policy is governed by our Terms of Use, which get updated periodically. Since any changes to any of the documents take effect immediately, it is the user’s responsibility to review these instruments regularly in order to be informed of their current control, content and resources.

Important note about minors

Important note about minors

This website is not marketed or intended for minors or anyone who does not have the legal capacity to participate in online gaming activities. Anyone under 18 years of age is strictly prohibited from using this website or its services. Consequently, age identifying information is not collected on this website, nor do we knowingly collect any personal information from visitors under the age of 18 years.

Types of Personal Information Collected and Their Reasons

Data collected from users who visit and/or use this website may be classified as either non-personal or personal information.

Non-Personal Information and Usage

General information automatically collected about you and your activities that does not personally identify you through your visit to or use of this site may include:

  •  The type of computer you are using to access the Internet.
  •  The capabilities, features, and functionality of that computer.
  •  The general geographic location where this computer is located.
  •  The unique server or domain identifier for connecting to the Internet.
  •  The specific date and time you are accessing the site.
  •  Your movement and sequence of activities within the site.
  •  Various other related non-personal technical information.

User movement and activity within the site, including pages, viewed, time spent on specific pages, generalized browsing habits, typical traffic trends, click preferences or selections, bounce rates, etc., are collected and stored primarily for research, analysis and further development. This certain data collection is all information routinely communicated by the web browser or its software to the host website whenever you connect to the Internet. It is unidentified and unidentifiable, which means it is not possible to identify the user from any of the information listed above. Its fundamental objective is to gather statistics and generate reports on user usage whenever you visit Betting Cricket for internal use, in order to assist in our tireless efforts to continually design and redesign the site to improve functionality and a better user experience.

Personal information and usage

While non-personal information is collected and used to make visits to this website more appealing to the general public, personal information is focused on meeting the specific needs of the user. It is data revealing various aspects relating to your unique individual identity, voluntarily provided by you – the user – to Betting Cricket or nearby affiliated third parties that you have previously sought or are currently seeking for a more personalized customer service experience.

Information retrieved and maintained reveals your personal identity or identifying characteristics and contact information includes:

  •  Your birth name and/or username.
  •  Your email and/or website address.
  •  Your physical home address.
  •  Your home and/or cell phone number.
  •  Other information and personal preferences provided voluntarily.

Personal information may be collected through various means, including subscription submissions for newsletters, sports picks, or other periodic information or resources; your comment posts on the web page; direct contact forms; live chat forums; as well as records collected by our affiliate partners who share information with us, depending on the extent of the data you provide and the nature of your inquiries.

User’s personal data may be securely stored and used for various reasons and in such forms as follows, but will not be sold or disclosed in any way, at any time, to third parties of any kind. Admissible reasons why this information may be used, including legitimate interests such as:

  • Contacting you – communicating or responding to users to update them on relevant site information, to fulfill subscription obligations, to advise on affiliate products or services / partners offers / bonuses or other information, or in response to queries submitted by users or requests for support.
  • Publication – if users have expressly given prior permission to use their name or likeness.
  • Record Retention – Every writable user-to-site interaction is necessarily recorded and saved, including all means of correspondence.
  • User Preferences – Information provided directly by the user’s express indications regarding interests in certain games, sports, and entertainment options, as well as the site operations.
  • Internal tracking – through the use of IP addresses, cookies and other standard technologies.

IP addresses can be considered personal information when the automatically generated sequence numbering assigned to your computer is associated with other individually identifiable information. Likewise, cookies are a usual and generally accepted method used to collect, track and store bits of information on the user’s hard drives through small text strings sent by browsers that can also be combined with personal identifiers.

Expanded Use of Cookies


Cookies are a minimally invasive form of a user-accessed compilation of statistical website data – pages visited, materials downloaded and other website activity, as well as those separate websites accessed ​​before and after this website, etc. They allow Betting Cricket to customize its offers appropriately for specific users in making all their visits and page-to-page browsing trends more personalized, objective and enjoyable. The underlying intent here is to make user access and goals more efficient while enabling instantaneous activation of most features applicable to the user through recognition and remembering visitor interactions.

Policy Acceptance, Amendments and Updates

Visiting or using this website in any way constitutes the User’s acceptance of the Policy. Betting Cricket reserves the right to change, modify or amend the Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. Once published, such changes, modifications and amendments are directly applicable and take immediate effect. It is the User’s responsibility to periodically check and review this Policy for updates.